🇬🇧 UK Delivery - Free For Orders Over £75 

1. Standard Delivery (2-3 Working Days) - £2
2. Express Delivery (Next Working Day) - £5

🇪🇺 European Delivery - Free For Orders Over €100

EU Standard Delivery (4-7 Working Days) - £3.80
EU Express Delivery (3-5 Working Days) - £9

🇺🇸 US Delivery - Free For Orders Over $150

US Express Delivery (3-7 Working Days) - £4
US Priority Delivery (2 Working Days) - £10

🇨🇦 CA Delivery - Free For Orders Over $200

CA Express Delivery (4-7 Working Days) - £4
CA Priority Delivery (3-5 Working Days) - £12

🇦🇺 AU Delivery

AU Express Delivery (4-7 Working Days) - £4
AU Priority Delivery (3-5 Working Days) - £12

NZ Delivery 🇳🇿

NZ Express Delivery (3-7 Working Days) - £4
NZ Priority Delivery (2 Working Days) - £12


Please Note: All custom products take 4-5 weeks to arrive as they are made to order.

Failed Delivery

If the package cannot be delivered to the given shipping address due to causes ascribable to the absent cooperation of the customer (wrong or incorrect shipping address, absent receiver,) or if the customer refuses to collect the package, the package will be returned to the us at the customers expense. The expense includes shipping costs and any duty and tax the package may have incurred; this amount will be deducted from the total of the order to be refunded.

Items Not Received But Tracking Shows Delivered

Please note we do not refund or replace items that are tracked as being delivered. For this reason, we always recommend that you get items delivered to a secure address.